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How to make a bug report


To make a bug report please do the following:

1. Go to

2. Click Submit a Ticket link.

Take note that before submitting a ticket please make sure to read first the knowledgebase because some common issues have already a solution in knowledgebase articles. 

When creating a ticket please make sure to do the following so that your bug problem will be solved quickly:

1. Describe the bug problem properly.- We suggest that user always enter the problem in a detailed way. Always assume that serpattacks support do not know how to use serpattacks or you are talking to newbie.

 2. Enter steps to reproduce.- No steps to reproduce will drag the solving of bug to delay. As much as possible add a steps to reproduce, its just a bullet points of the steps you did before you encounter the bug problem. If we can not reproduce the issue we can not solve your bug problem.

 3. Attached a screen shot or needed file.- Pictures worth a thousand words. Having screen shots or needed files ( e.g. excel export file ) attached in your ticket will dramatically speed up the solving of bugs. Attaching is easy, in our Submit a ticket page there is a Attachment section, just click Choose File and select the file you want to attach.


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