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Things to check when having problem using Keyword Finder


Things to check when using Keyword Finder:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of serpattacks. -To know if you have the latest version of serpattacks go to Help menu and click Changelog. Your version number should be the latest version number in the changelog dialog that will appear. If not restart serpattacks and allow it to update.

If you encounter issue in the registration please download serpattacks using our direct link then install it. In installing, you no longer need to uninstall serpattacks just install it directly so that your data will not be lost.

2. Check your internet explorer version.-Please use IE version 9 or 10. If you have IE 9 and you are still encountering issues please update to IE 10.

3. Uninstall Google chrome frame.- Google chrome frame is an add ons or plugin for IE to speed up your IE browsing, the problem is its not yet stable and has lots of bug. It also has some incompatibility with seo software in the market today. To have no compatibility issue please uninstall it. If you want faster browser just use chrome browser not ie browser.

4. Have a Google Adwords Account. -When signing up for Google Adwords Account make sure you have verified the account, set up the timezone and set up the display language to English (United States) in Account Setting->Preferences. To sign up for Google Adwords Account go to

5. Make sure you can access Google Keyword Planner( in your internet explorer browser and can do a search. -If you can't access Google Keyword Planner in your internet explorer, SerpAttacks can't also access it, it is critical that your security setting in your pc allows your to access Google Keyword Tool.

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